• simple rapid application
  • flexible work flow
  • durable
  • hydrocarbon fire resistant
  • moisture resistant
  • lightweight
  • modular/demountable
  • prefabricated on or offsite

PROMATECT® - Enclosures

PROMATECT® enclosures are designed specifically to protect electrical equipment from the effects of fire attack in hazardous environments, such as civil defence works, offshore installations, oil and gas plants, military establishments and power generation facilities

The PROMATECT® system can be based on PROMATECT®-H, PROMATECT®-L or PROMATECT®-L500. PROMATECT®-L or PROMATECT®-L500 are lightweight and would be used for internal applications. PROMATECT®-H offers a particularly robust system which is highly resistant to impact and abrasion. 

PROMATECT® systems are installed in various layout and framing options to meet the application needs.



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