Sub-sea Pipelines


  • low thermal conductivity
  • fully customised to customers' requirements
  • minimise heat loss

Optimal process control and minimal heat loss

In offshore oil production, subsea pipelines can run for over 50 km between processing units in deepwater environments. Energy conservation is a key requirement. Minimising heat loss helps in the prevention of wax deposition and hydrate formation. By using a highly insulated piping system, subsea wells can be operated with fewer thermal problems over longer distances. In cryogenic applications, insulation protects against heat gain, preventing or minimising the main operational issue of boil-off of liquefied gases.

Promat offers a range of flexible MICROTHERM® microporous products that are fully customised to customers' requirements. The low thermal conductivity of MICROTHERM® means that compact insulation systems can be designed to meet the overall insulation values specified by oil & gas operators.