Pumps & Valves


  • Low thermal conductivity
  • excellent insulation and fireproofing characteristics
  • Possibility to create customised jackets and cassettes/boxes

Optimal process control and minimal heat loss

Promat’s MICROTHERM® and PROMAGLAF® products are excellent filler materials for insulation jackets and cassettes/boxes around pumps and valves. Usually used in combination, both products have a specific purpose:

  • MICROTHERM® flexible microporous products are used for their very low thermal conductivity and thus ensure a compact jacketing or cassette/box design while offering excellent insulation and fireproofing characteristics.
  • PROMAGLAF® bio-soluble blankets are highly flexible and available in different densities. As a filling material these products are compressed to ensure a tight fit of the various insulation layers in the composition. 

By using these products, it is possible to design and create customised jackets and cassettes/boxes to meet specific insulation requirements and/or highly demanding fireproofing requirements such as jet fire or hydrocarbon fire exposure.