Pipes and fittings


Thinner, lighter and more efficient. Promat’s solutions maximise process efficiency, increase personnel safety, and reduce the loss of space and energy, whilst reducing a fast payback time. Read our brochure and discover how you can benefit from our expertise.

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Optimal process control and minimal heat loss

Promat’s MICROTHERM® products are one of the best-performing thermal insulation materials in the world. As their very low thermal conductivity value remains stable up to its temperature limit, these microporous products are typically used for temperatures above 350°C. The higher the application temperature, the better MICROTHERM® will perform! This results in highly efficient and compact insulation solutions. 

MICROTHERM® can be supplied as pipe sections or as flexible panels, with numerous customization options available to suit each application. Promat HPI also offer piping solutions in calcium silicate and bio-soluble fibre:

  • PROMASIL® calcium silicate pipe sections when thermal stability and superior compressive strength are required
  • PROMAGLAF® bio-soluble blankets as a first insulation layer on high temperature piping

When faced with particularly demanding applications, a Promat HPI engineered thermal solution can be created using purpose designed hybrid composites that combine both mechanical and thermal enhanced properties.