Pipe Clamps & Supports


  • ideal for preventing heat bridges in piping system supports and pre-shaped sections
  • very resistant to compressive loads
  • machined to customised dimensions

Optimal process control and minimal heat loss

It is commonly accepted by engineers and contractors in the petrochemical industry that creating a thermal insulation barrier between the pipe and pipe clamp/support is the best possible practice. This practice avoids direct metal contact and thus reduces overall heat loss and risk of corrosion.

To meet temperature and compressive strength specifications, Promat offers solutions based on low and high density calcium silicates.

PROMASIL® is a low density calcium silicate and is commonly used in the industry as pipe clamp/support insulation.

When even higher compressive strengths are required MONOLUX® is the preferred choice. This high density calcium silicate is available in 2 temperature grades (500 & 800°C) and can be used as sections between pipe and pipe clamp/support or as a board.

Both products are machined to customised dimensions to ensure the correct insulation thickness and to align with the insulation thickness of the pipe itself for a smooth transition of the metal cladding.